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DWMM 6288W Warranty: ONE
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Wireless Single Din Car Stereo with Apple Carplay,IPS Touch Screen Car Radio with Bluetooth,Backup Camera,FM/AM Car Radio,Car Play Android Auto,AUXTF,Type-C,USB

  • IPS Touch Screen: Differentiate your driving experience through the IPS high-definition display, featuring vivid colors, clear details, and a broader viewing angle than standard screens Say goodbye to glare and distortion, as IPS ensures clear visibility under any lighting Our IPS technology enhances your visual experience, making every drive unique.
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto: Upgrade your driving experience with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto No more tangled wires - seamlessly connect your smartphone to the in-car radio for hands-free access to apps, calls, messages, and navigation Stay connected without interference and elevate your driving pleasure.
  • Car FM\/AM Radio: With AM and FM reception capabilities, expand coverage to ensure a wide range of reception This dual-function enhances your listening options, allowing you to easily switch frequencies to suit your preferences and stay connected with your favorite content.
  • Updated Car Bluetooth 51: Transform your driving experience with our Bluetooth 51 technology Enjoy seamless audio streaming and clear hands-free calls, faster pairing, extended range, and higher stability.
  • HD Rearview Camera: Enhance your safety with our high-definition night vision, waterproof wide-angle backup camera Gain clear visibility during the day or night and in any weather conditions Use this advanced camera to improve your parking and reversing experience.
  • Car GPS Navigation:Equipped with a GPS system that utilizes data from smartphone navigation apps, experience unprecedented precision in real-time navigation Say goodbye to traditional local data navigation packages and enjoy accurate, up-to-date traffic information.
  • 69 inch (approximately 169 cm) Monaural In-Car Audio: Explore the best fit for your vehicle with our standard 69-inch in-car radio (178 mm x 98 mm) This stylish and compact design easily fits into your dashboard, enhancing your driving experience and making your journey more enjoyable .
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