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Rated 4.4 out of 5 By View 230 Review(s) / Rating(s)

Nobsound MC104 Pro Warranty: N/A
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Nobsound Little Bear 4 Way Audio Switch; 3.5mm Audio Switcher; Stereo AUX Audio Selector; Audio Splitter; 4(1)-in-1(4)-Out

  • Fully Upgrade, Totally No Noise and No Sound Interference: 4 independent switches to select different inputs or outputs, fully isolated independent circuit, make sure that each signal is not affected by the other three channels.
  • Very Useful Functions: Can be used as 4-IN-1-OUT or 1-IN-4-OUT Conveniently to switch among different audio sources or choose among different outputs You can use it to debug or compare your various audio devices.
  • Very Easy and Simple Use: Fully passive, no power and no driver required Add 4 blank squares for you to mark different audio equipment Please note there are two IN\/OUT ports The one that is opposite with others has priority The other one is added since some customers want to connect all cables at one side.
  • Super Mini Size: Even smaller than half of your palm It will take very few space of your desktop You can also carry it around very conveniently .
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