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iDuster VC-iDuster-10oz-1p Warranty: Manufacturer warranty for 90 days from date of purchase.
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iDuster Disposable Compressed Air Duster, Computer Cleaner, Keyboard Cleaner, 1 Can

  • Spray for Removing Dust in Inaccessible Places: The iDuster, a compressed air dust remover, excels at powerfully ejecting dust and debris from hidden and difficult-to-reach spots within electronic devices, ensuring a thorough cleaning in areas usually out of sight.
  • Versatile Cleaning Solution: This compressed air keyboard cleaner is perfect for a wide range of cleaning applications, effectively used on CPUs, keyboards, mice, workstations, laboratory apparatus, repair spaces, and various household items.
  • Gentle Dust Removal with Pressurized Air Duster: The canned air duster offers a soft, non-scratch method for cleaning, ensuring the delicate and careful maintenance of your electronic equipment.
  • Secure Buckle Mechanism for Safe Usage: The air spray for keyboard cleaning is equipped with a robust safety buckle, effectively guarding against accidental spraying This feature assures safe storage and usage, reducing the chances of unintentional release, thereby making it a dependable option for diverse environments.
  • Our Commitment to Your Satisfaction: When you shop iDuster air duster, you can rest easy knowing that product quality and after-sales support are our top priorities If there's anything that doesn't meet your expectations, we offer hassle-free refunds or replacements .
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