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ClearClick Audio2USB 2.0 Warranty: 1-Year Warranty from ClearClick, a USA-Based Small Business
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ClearClick Audio to USB 2.0 (Second Generation) - Audio Capture & Live Streaming Device - Input 1/8" 3.5mm Aux AV RCA Audio & Music - USB-C Plug & Play

  • [35mm & RCA Capture] Record or Live Stream Audio From 1\/8\ (35mm Aux) or RCA (AV) Audio Sources (Cassette Tape Players, Turntables, CD Players, Instruments, & More), [USB-C Plug & Play] Modern USB-C Plug and Play Interface (Works with Laptops and Desktops - Full Size USB-A Adapter Included), [Software Included] Audio Recording & Editing Software and Step By-Step Instructions Included - Saves to WAV or MP3 Files, [Compatible with PC, Mac, & Linux] Works with Windows 11\/10\/8\/7, OS X 1010 or higher, and Ubuntu 1404 or higher (Not Compatible with Netbooks, Phones, or Tablets), [Included] 1-Year Warranty & Tech Support from ClearClick, a USA-Based Small Business .
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